Introducing myself -my music history-

Today, I'm gonna introduce my history related to music:)

---My childhood---
Born in the environment in which music was  always around me, I've familiarized myself with many genres of music.
My mom's job was a piano teacher, so I learnt how to play it from her.
Also I used to learn violin for few years, but din't really enjoy it because the teacher was scary:(
Unfortunately, I was not really a good student.
I didn't practice much,  and I was extremely bad at reading scores.
Instead, I had a good ear, so I could copy songs by ear.

---My first song writing---
I often played the piano at recitals in my elementary school, or in the classroom during break time, requested by classmates to play songs from popular anime or video games.
My first experience of song writing was when I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school, but until I came across DTM at the age of 16 or so, I didn't have ways to share my music in public. Also, I was too shy to sing songs by myself, so I wrote songs for my friend who wanted to be a singer.

---Vocaloid and DTM---
Composing music was fun, but I was swamped with study for entrance examination of university, so was away from music for a while. And even after I entered the university, I didn't have time to do it because I started other activities like dancing and tripping abroad for linguistic studies.

After the blank, I restarted my online activity with Vocaloid "Luka Megurine" 
One of my friend from high-school introduced me this charming virtual singer, and she said she wanted to listen to my music again.
Supported and encouraged by her, I posted my first work "Gekka Renjo."

Gekka Renjo (niconico douga)
(Sorry, I actually haven't uploaded it to Youtube yet... will do it in near future)

I was amazed that many people listened to my song, and gave me positive comments.
It felt so good that Luka coveyed  my message to thousands of listeners, and was amazed by the fact how influential the Internet is.
So, I decided to write  more songs after this experience and it's been 6 years since I posted Gekka Renjo. I mainly compose songs in English now, but there were times I used to write Japanese songs:)


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