I got this on Black Friday Sale🎶

Long time no see. This is Tamaki😸

The reason I couldn't update this blog for a while is...  I had been very busy preparing for our live concert at a restaurant.
Now it's over (I had a wonderful time!) and I'm taking a rest😌

Well, I have a news for you!
Last month, I bought this new software on Black Friday sale!
Many DTMers expect to buy expensive gadgets on this season, and I am the one, too! lol

This software "Chris Hein Horns Complete" from Best Service Inc. is said to be the best brass synth ever with real and expressive sounds. It is used by many professional producers.

You can listen to official demo from here: DEMO 🎶

I'm excited to use this software from my next piece!

But since I'm not good at mechanics, I doubt if I can handle this soon...
Please be patient, my listeners😹


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