My DTM environment! 2 -Vocaloid & My Restive Mic-

Hi! This is Tamaki.

Welcome to my room again😸🚪
Today I'm gonna show you my DTM environment!

... again?

Don't worry, I have a lot more to show you❗️
This time I'm gonna focus on "Vocal" stuff.

To create music with vocal, a singer is necessary.
Vocaloid is very helpful for creating all kinds of music.

Hatsune Miku is the most famous Vocaloid... I know, I know😹
But I believe Megurine Luka is the best ever, in that she is the first bilingual Vocaloid with Japanese & English libraries. Quite innovative, isn't it???

Needless to say, she is a female virtual singer from Crypton Future Media, Inc.
In my original songs she sometimes sing with Kaito (a software featuring a male singer, released from the same company)
Below is my original R&B song "AROMA" featuring Luka and Kaito.

(Here Megurine Luka V2 and Kaito V3 are collaborating.)

▪️Microphone : RODE condenser mic🎤
While Vocaloid is a very helpful tool, many people believe that human voices are the best.
I believe each of them have different good points, so lets not judge here...

I sometimes sing by myself to test how my new song sounds like with lyrics and vocals.
Creating a demo is fun!
I use this RODE condenser mic for recording. This mic is very sensitive and catch very small sound (I thought my voice was small and as I wanted to sing with whisper, I purchased this mic).

But sometimes it's too sensitive that it can pick up noises from air conditioner or cars outside😹
It makes me crazy when a car passes by like BRRRRR while I'm singing😡😡

So... I'm thinking to buy a dynamic mic which is less sensitive and want to use both microphones case by case.

Incidentally, below is "AROMA" sang by me, recorded with this condenser mic.

🍷🌹"AROMA by Tamaki"🌹🍷

Click the link to listen!🎧


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