My DTM environment!

Hi, this is Tamaki🐱🎶

Today, I'm gonna show you a part of my DTM environment:3

DTM is the shorted name for Desktop Music.
With advanced technology, we can make much higher quality of music in our PC than in the past!

This is my room😸💕

On my desk, there are desktop iMac, MIDI keyboerd and the smaller keyboard at the bottom right side... which is actually a piano-shaped calculator.  (My friend gave this to me for my birthday! I adore it💕)

Actually I use both windows and iOS. Windows (Win7) is for Vocaloid 2 (Vocaloid 2 is not for iOS unfortunately...).
My MIDI Keyboard is KORG USB Keyboard controllar, which has 61 keys yet a very simple model.

I use Cubase7.5 as my primary workstation.
I used to have Cubase 6 previously, but updated to this version 2 year ago or so:3
Before that, I relied on free software with limited function.
Now I'm happy to use lots of amazing functions with Cubase!

And...  this is my guitar! Its brand name is "Italia Guitars".
This guitar maker is known for its Retro-styled guitars, that have many colour variations such as light blue, pink, green, gold... and more.
I love this light blue because it reminds me of tranquil ocean🐳

I like its soft color nuance, and its sound.
It has a hole as you can see and looks like semi-acorstic guitar, but it can also create sharp electric sound through an amp if you adjust by turning the knob.
But most of the time I use the softest sound like those in jazz or Bossa Nova.

I'm just a beginner but if you don't mind... you can listen to my guitar on my Sound Cloud page.

🐳 ”Girl From Ipanema” 🐬


Click the link to listen🎶


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